SEO Neither Die Nor Dead, It Just Changes All The Time! Find How?

I got to study many of the web-blogs & forums in which most of the individuals seem to be afraid of SEO Life. Many people are leaving comments and asking concerns whether SEO is going to be Dead? or What?

Here will be talking about the life of SEO, how it influencing online market and also going to discuss few guidelines on how to move on with the newest SEO strategies in tandem with Google Algorithms. The First factor which I would like to say is no worries about the SEO availability and its viability.

SEO Neither Dead Nor Going To Die, It Just Changes All The Time…

Previously the ideas & strategies of SEO was completely different compare to the present. Earlier The link-building, keyword stuffing and submissions was very useful and important for gaining traffic and positions in SEO. But now the case is completely different because of the Google algorithm changes. Everyone knows that Google performs a big part among search engines and also majority of the market is under Google.

So, we were referring to the Google algorithms which have been customized. First of all I desired to brief all the significant algorithm up-dates which impacted an SEO a lot.

Major Google Algorithm Updates:

1. Panda (2011 – current)

2. Penguin (2012, 2013)

3. Hummingbird Update (2013)

The brief introduction of above algorithms:

Panda (2011 – Current): This was the significant change and nearly around 12% of search results were impacted by this algorithm change.

  • Bad links impacts started
  • No more thin content
  • Affected content farm sites.
  • And more superior issues.

Penguin (2012, 2013): The penguin algorithm began penalizing spammers and manipulative anchor texts.

  • Money keywords were focused by Google
  • No more over optimization
  • Link schemes & sellers were targeted
  • Manipulative keyword were focused by Google
  • keyword stuffing
  • And more…

Hummingbird Update (2013): The big change by Google

  • From Google, This was the totally new algorithm which impacts 90% of searches.
  • The main function about Hummingbird I would say is knowing the facts behind searches.
  • Google started giving the best results for longer concerns from here.
  • Long tail keyword works now.

These were the changes which modified the direction of SEO. Individuals got concerned after these changes and began asking about the life of SEO. Now, let’s talk about few newest techniques on how to proceed with the SEO in the current place and how to obtain links and rankings in SEO.

It is now very easy to get backlinks and rankings for the sites. Below are some of factors which I would like to distinguish in Do and Don’ts.

Things not to do in SEO now:

  • No Keyword Stuffing
  • No Duplicate Content
  • No Fake Backlinks
  • No Spam
  • No Manipulative Anchor Texts
  • No unnatural links
  • No Scraped content
  • No irrelevant keywords
  • Don’t repeat same words and sentences that sounds unnatural & irrelevant..

Things to do in the present SEO:

  • Genuine & User Friendly Content – It should not be off the topic
  • Long tail keywords – Target long tail keywords
  • URLS in Anchor text
  • Genuine Backlinks
  • Natural Links
  • Guest Blogging – Share content on niche blogs
  • Social Media Optimization – Share web links on Social network sites & improve social signals
  • Blogging – Must give value to user
  • Local Signals – Improve it
  • Content Marketing
  • Target Niche
  • Think about user

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